Hunter Biden’s Emails Show Friends Sent Him Messages Mocking ‘F**gots’ and ‘D*kes’

Hunter Biden’s friends appeared to mock “f**gots” and “d*kes” in emails unearthed by the National Pulse from his hard drive.

Read more at The National Pulse.

One thought on “Hunter Biden’s Emails Show Friends Sent Him Messages Mocking ‘F**gots’ and ‘D*kes’

  1. Mr. Biden & Harris I’m so disgusted with this administration. Actually I believe Obama, Deep State, Globalist are running this show and you sir are in no shape for this position. Due to your cognitive issues, I lift you in prayer. You have always been corrupt and now you bear your cross. How dare you leave our Americans in Afghanistan! It’s another Benghazi show. I despise your administration and will never vote Democratic. Gen. Milley & Austin have turned their backs on all military families that fought and died. They should be STRIPPED. No respect for what this administration is. A voter that will make sure you are all gone from your duties. Your a DISGRACE to AMERICA. Your loyalties are to the Communist party and not to what our country was founded on. GOD BLESS AMERICA & GOD SAVE US from you all.

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